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Sonic Shorts Volume 6 the final

2009-02-22 14:20:31 by Flash-Twister

Iv'e already done a short for the final volume. I might make one more. It's been fun working in the collab with the other animators however we all have our own projects to do as do I.


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2009-02-22 14:49:13

No one cares about Videogames they are Destorying your ability to think beyond what you are capable of they are distractions in life its all the same run run kill kill
why is newgorunds Going to Hell becuase people liek you aniamte Videogames my advice If you have the time to sit around and play a Videogame and Animate a Videogame Cartoon then do you REALLY have the Time to create something origional that you can call your own work

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Flash-Twister responds:

Im sorry you seem to mistake me for someone who gives a shit.


2009-03-21 22:09:01

After what I've seen you do, I can't wait for what's next. Good luck with your future stuff, man.