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Sonic Shorts

2007-07-26 08:35:25 by Flash-Twister

Well after a long time of animation pratice im going to be included into The Sonic Shorts Collab by TheWax70. I'll be submiting two or three shorts each one as random as possible. The shorts shall be mostly frame by frame and the backgrounds done in Photoshop 7 (Not bad huh?) Im looking forward to this. I also have a few solo projects on the way. One step closer to world domination!

Sonic Shorts


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2007-07-26 10:05:43

I've been pretty much keeping up with the series. I'm a bit pissed about Fiona, because I liked her. I liked the RTAI mini series, and the latest one going with Eggman is decent. I like the Sonic-Tails conflict and the one with Hope-Snively....especially that latest scene. You guys know what I'm talking about.

Flash-Twister responds:

not saying to much, but Tails may become a villian and betray the freedom fighters in the upcoming comics, if my sources are right.


2007-07-26 14:22:27

NO! >:(


2007-07-26 15:42:05

Nice link, very helpful. Just to say CBR files and CBZ files and named like that for a reason. You don't need to unpack them just open them with a comic book reader (saves a lot of hassle, especially the complicated bit you mentioned above). Google comic book display, its the most commonly used reader for windows.